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Monthly Archives: October 2010

woodland ballerinas…

so i realize i haven’t updated the blog in just about forever but i do have an excuse, i’ve been swamped!  like crocodiles eating me swamped!  ok, maybe not the crocodiles.  but i have been busy and an update is looooooooong over due.  to start the updating, i chose a session that was actually from last summer that i really enjoyed.  these two lovelies are dancers.  for their spring recital they did “a midsummer nights dream” and wanted to do a photo shoot in the woods instead of the usual studio dance pictures.  (sounds good to me!)  to make it even more special, miss “k” was going away to college so they wanted to celebrate their friendship and their dancing careers together.  i think they turned out pretty special, don’t you think?








until next time,


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