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for the past couple of years i have had the absolute honor of photographing kids with hydrocephalus.  the first session i had with them was for the hydros for hydro campaign for seafair 2006.  i was happy to be asked to do it but had no idea how it was going to affect me.  i absolutely fell in love with the kids that day.  driving home my heart was overflowing with joy, just oozing everywhere, i couldn’t contain it.  it still does whenever i think about it or see the pics.  i see, feel and relive the session and all of their magical personalities.  i’m no longer happy to photograph them, i’m honored.  i love following their stories, seeing them grow, etc.  so here’s another session and some new kids to melt my heart.  and once again, they did.

if you’d like more information about hydrocephalus, please click here.

if you’d like to see the whole gallery, please go to my website and enter the password hydrokids in the proofing section.

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hydrocephalus experience - nice shots! these kids doesn’t look like they have it because of their smiles, I’ll share it with Gabriel’s Life website if it’s okay

admin - thanks! of course you may share it. feel free to share with them! :)

Jennifer Bechard - Hi,

My name is Jennifer Bechard & I am the CO-Chair for the Detroit Hydrocephalus WALK in MI.

I just wanted to say I love your site & appreciate what you captured of the people with hydrocephalus. I have undergone 87 surgeries due to this & 70 have been in the past 3 years alone. We formed the First Annual Detroit Hydro WALK in 2007 & recently had our 3rd Annual. Over the past three years we have raised over 48,000. It has been so amazing to be able to watch our event bring hope to the parents. And when a smile appears on a child face because they realize they are not alone.. It is truly one of the best gift God can give me!

I admire your work. Thank you for helping people tell their stories & bringing hydrocephalus awareness to others!

Warm regards,
Jennifer Bechard
CO-Chair Detroit Hydrocephalus WALK

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