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woodland ballerinas…

so i realize i haven’t updated the blog in just about forever but i do have an excuse, i’ve been swamped!  like crocodiles eating me swamped!  ok, maybe not the crocodiles.  but i have been busy and an update is looooooooong over due.  to start the updating, i chose a session that was actually from […]

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miss “c”…

another senior!  they are so much fun!  miss “c” was great to work with and look at those eyes!  they’re gorgeous!  she has a very bright future ahead of her.  not only is she a star soccer player but she’s also got the brains to go with it.  i wish you the best of luck […]

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miss “a”…

oh how i love photographing seniors!  (oh, and i also realize that i am really lame for not updating the blog.  don’t i say that a lot?)  there aren’t many times in your life that you do pics of just you.  just think, the next big one is usually when you get married and you […]

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holy gorgeousness batman…

meet miss “h.”  gorgeous huh!  we had such a great time and the camera loves her!  i had the privilege of photographing her brother’s senior pics a couple of years ago and am so glad i got to do hers.  the only thing i’m bummed about is that there aren’t any more kids in the […]

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check out these lovelies…

these lovely ladies had a girls day and wanted to document it with some pics.  i think that’s a great way to top off a girly day, don’t you?  you may recognize one of them from the “twilight” shoot i did earlier this year.  the camera loves her!  well, it loves all of them really but […]

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