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my first post…

well whadda ya know?  i have a blog!  i will mainly be posting photography related items such as sneak peeks, news, etc. but will occasionally be posting my ramblings.  

so what am i up to tonight?  well, for one thing, getting the blog up and running!  that and being sad that the olympics are over.  i so love the olympics.  at least i will get more sleep!  i’ve been up until 2am+ every night.  not that i’m complaining but i am a bit tired!  :)  the olympics are just so invigorating, inspiring, you name it!  (but then again i love sports!)  all in all, i think these were a good olympic games.  ah, but not to fear, the us open tennis tournament starts tomorrow so i won’t be too sad for too long!


A. Friend - Congrats! I know finding the time to create a blog site, as well as fill it with content, is challenging! I’ll keep my eyes open for the “ramblings” you elude to. I am excited to see what you have to say – and to see what pics turn up on your site. (I like what I see so far!)

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