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i’ve had a lot of maternity and newborn clients this year.  in fact all but one has been.  this is “k” and she is, as you can see, just gorgeous and pregnancy obviously agrees with her.  to top it off she’s one of the sweetest people you will meet.  i can see why her hubby is so smitten with her!  i can’t wait to show you the newborn session, just more gorgeousness!

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Jessica - I love your use of shadows.

mr. “w”…

mr. w is one of my baby planners so what that means is that i get to photograph him at 4, 8 and 12 months.  i love my baby planners because then i get to watch them grow!  i’m always sad at our 1 year session though because i know i’m not going to get to see them as often.  boohoo!

this family is so absolutely sweet and kind.  at our last session i told them they are like sunshine, they just brighten my whole day.  mr. w is just as cute as can be and is quite the poser!  look at these little looks he gives!  blue steel anyone?








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Michael - Love your work! The eye contact and expressions you capture are truly priceless. I’m sure his family were overjoyed with these images. Thanks for sharing!